Child rights and welfare

India has the largest number of illiterate people in the world – around 268 million, a staggering 35% who cannot read or write. Less than half of India’s children between the age of 6 and 14 go to school. One in every four girls in Rural India drops out of school before reaching the eight standards.

We believe in a joyful, empowering education focused on enhancing livelihoods and creating socially and environmentally conscious citizens who are catalysts for change. We believe good education is one that broadens horizons, creates choices for the child to achieve her/his dreams.

The core objective of READ, Education is creating centres of excellence in rural India by working with school leadership, teachers and the community to transform existing schools.

READ Education Will:

  • Ensure every child goes to school until 10th Standard and is upto Grade Level
  • Empower children with enhanced earning capabilities and provide an opportunity to work in a vocation of their choice
  • Empower school leadership and schoolteachers with strong motivational training and exposure to best practices & where necessary the materials to deliver quality learning to students
  • Create a socially and environmentally conscious new generation that acts as a catalyst for change

Our programs

Training programme

Successful delivery of education is largely dependent on the teachers, not only in their ability to deliver curriculum in classrooms, but also in developing critical thinking, stimulating inquiry & independent thought, building values & shaping character. We are planning to conduct Teacher Training programmes using techniques like classroom management, positive disciplining, multiple-intelligence and more. In the next five years we have planned to cover minimum 500 teachers from 4 Block of READ operational area.

Leadership Training

We focus strongly on leadership and professional skill development for Village Education Committee members, local leaders and School Teachers to be effective administrators and to lead by example. We are emphasizing to develop quality education and better management of the institutions so that the children can ensure joyful learning and enhance livelihoods and creating socially and environmentally conscious citizens.

Children fare

We give priority for children’s happiness and create curiosity in their mind and heart for education. So READ organize children fare every year during summer vacation. Where the children are provided classes through different games, compilations etc. We believe that joyful education will encourage to rural children to attend regular school and stop school dropout.

Private Tuition

It is realized that the rural poor students from remote villages unable continue their education and secure low marks in the exams. Thus the interest of the parents and children go down and dropout from the schools. So READ has initiated private tuition at community level to provide good and quality education. We have started with 55 nos. of girl children at this moment. There are around 1000 children engaged in household works and have migrated to out of state about 82 children. However we have been trying to accumulate and provide education along with various skill based trainings.