Livelihood Programme

While 60% of India’s population is directly depending on agriculture, its contribution to the country’s gross domestic products (GDP) is only 20%, indicating overdependence, unemployment and underemployment in the sector. With more than half the country’s populations’ direct dependence on this sector, the READ believes that only with development in Agriculture and related livelihoods will India see holistic development. We believe the essence of empowerment is a fulfilling livelihood enabling each individual to care for him / her and family.

READ Agriculture & Livelihood’s core objective is to empower every man and woman in farming households to overcome poverty through improved and innovative farming techniques, process and practices

READ Agriculture & Livelihood will:

  • Ensure every agrarian family (cultivators, livestock forest dwellers) will be empowered with the capability of increasing their income at twice the rate of national economic growth.
  • Increase land under cultivation for enhanced productivity through innovative direct and investments in agriculture based livelihood programmes..
  • Work towards livestock improvement and introduce horticulture
  • Ensure easy access to farm credits and financial inclusion.
  • Provide technical support for crop management.

Our programs

Introduction of Second Crops and Cash Crops

We have provided farmers with the seeds, plants, irrigation systems and tools to introduce second crops across 90 villages. So far, READ has overseen the cultivation of crops like vegetable, cotton, sunflower, pulses, paddy and cashew nut over 1500 acres of land.

Innovative Farming Techniques

We are helping farmers with the technical-know-how and support required for grafting improved varieties of cashew and mango trees to generate higher value produce. So far, we have grafted over 19000 cashew, coconut & mango trees. In the next five years we plan to graft 100,000 trees. READ has promoted horticulture development amongst small and marginal farmers. Currently we have 400 farmers who have adopted horticulture. In the next five years we plan to reach out to 2,000 farmers.

SRI (System of Rice Intensification) Technique

An innovative technique leading to improved yields with lower input costs. We have skilled up to 400 farmers and are practicing SRI system of cultivation. In the next five years we will scale up this programme to 2000 farmers.


We have initiated vermin-composting, an organic farming technique, to increase land productivity and enhance income.  READ has provided trainings and replicating among 400 farmers. The farmers are slowly initiating preparing vermin compost. In the next five years READ will reach out to 2000 farmers.

Farmer Collectives & Co-operatives

To enable collective buying, selling and knowledge sharing, we have formed and promoted only GP level Farmers Committees at present and initiated . Our goal is to form and promote in entire 12 GPs of Ramanaguda Block of Rayagada District, Odisha in the next 5 years.

Farmers Producer Company (FPC)

READ has already been developed two Farmers Producer Company (FPCs) in its operational area to make the farmers independent and to access reasonable price of their products , keep control over the marketing of the products and access more benefit from the agriculture.